And if we were to raise our heads?

Because each day we encounter more and more silent lovers and distant parents, hypnotized by the cold light of their « smartphones ».

Because our smartphones threaten our health in stealing our time, more and more each day, all across the world, to the detriment of our sight, our sleep and our concentration, something so invaluable for our children.

Because our smartphones strip us of our attention, drugging us with « distraction » at the gain of the insatiable digital giants behind them, well-set on harvesting the remainder of our « available brain time ». Because our governments are meek in comparison to them and because our sovereignty finds itself threatened.

Because our smartphones deprive us of our self-conscience and of our conscience of others, indispensable during an hour in which our planet is dying and time finds itself « accelerating » – how can we notice that the birds are disappearing if we no longer see them?

Because, at the end of the day, our smartphones encroach upon our happiness, isolating us in reality under the pretext of connecting us virtually.

Because, in giving us the world in our pockets, the smartphone has become our master.

For all this, it is imperative to raise our eyes. To breathe. To take our time. To feel. To wonder. To get angry and get involved.

We at Raise Your Eyes!, armed with compassion and art, take action in order to reclaim our time and attention, both of which have grown scarce, and along with them the genuine freedom of living with your head held high!

Raise Your Eyes! is a collective that seeks to raise awareness surrounding the risks posed to our physical and social wellbeing by the excessive use of smartphones, namely through the implementation of « labels » within participating bars, restaurants and concert halls that have taken up the pledge to limit the usage of smartphones within their establishments, through a vast community of artist ambassadors ready to relay our message and through discussions held to further our understanding of how to move forward.

Translation by David Israeli